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Published: Thursday, 09 November 2017

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Creating the right learning environment for students with SEND

Supporting a visually impaired pupil in the classroom

Presenting the evidence to Ofsted: Guidance for SENCos

Assessment: An inclusive approach

Strategic planning for SENCos: Organising the operational 

SEN facts and figures in 2017

ADD and ADHD: Case study

How happy are our SEN students?

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Time to review your exclusions practice @

Education hot topics @


Q. With the government’s response to the Rochford consultation released – what might be the implications for our SEN practice?

Q. We are aware that several of our pupils live in households where domestic violence is an issue.  What are the main messages from Ofsted’s report and how might they apply to us?

Q. We are concerned that bullying of our SEN pupils seems to be on the increase. What can our department do to help them?

Q. We are expecting an Ofsted inspection. What is the latest information about inspection of SEND?

Q. We've heard that funding might be avaialble for internal inclusion units.  How might we access this?


Form – Explaining good teaching: Pupil handout

Worked example – Teaching, learning and assessment self-evaluation against the grade descriptors for SEN

Worked example – Leadership and management self-evaluation against the grade descriptors for SEN

Handout – Visual impairment classroom review

Form – Visual impairment classroom review

Form – Intervention impact record

Form – Reflecting on our approach to assessment for SEN

Worked example – SEN annual overview: Primary school

Form – Priorities and time management

Form – SEN profile

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Worked example – Outcomes for pupils self-evaluation for SEN @

Worked example – Personal development, behaviour and welfare self-evaluation for SEN @

Form – Comparing rates of exclusion @

Form – Decision making and leadership @